Playstation mention

Would like to point out one interesting topic, which close to me.
It is (Until today) to write in this blog only about Xbox, Forza and so on.

So time came for Playstation. In this topic Playstation 2.
One of the most popular console on Earth, the holder of my most favourite game: Driver 2. Also of course home of Gran Turismo.
Will not mention this game that much, but played quite much Gran Turismo 4 Apex.

So why Playstation 2? Because this console is still being played by tons of people and espcially, your retro estetic, me.
Yes I played tons of hours in 2019, 2020. Since in Riga don’t have this console, have in mind again to buy the console.

What I personally like is the graphics, this famous Playstation smooth flow in games, optimzations and just fun games. PES 2008, Driver 2, Gran Turismo 4, qutie good stucked in memory The Getaway: Black Monday, fun games, recommend to those, who missed 2000s and who wants to refresh his good memories. 🙂
In overall just couldn’t pass by not mentioning this wonderful console.
Stay tunned!


Old Classic sim


Once more, it’s common for me not write to often.
But time came for reviewing new topic.
I would say new to me, but old in general.
Would like to say my taste on GTR 2.
GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game is racing simulator published in 2006.
Yes, it’s old, but I couldn’t resist trying sim once more (last time was 7 years ago), also it is part of ‘hardware as it is’, that is if I have modest notebook in Latvia, then why not to install and refresh my knowledge in this game.


My feelings: it goes very well. Yes, if you follow my youtube channel, you can see that I in some sort of passion with Saleen S7-R, the car just feels right and suits my style.

What I really like in this sim: it’s physics. Yes famous suspension system in it, the game actually offers good feel of grip and indeed tyre wear (soft, medium slicks) differ from each other. You could feel everytime: wind, tyres, grip. Maybe less tyre wear, but Fuel difference between 50 L and 10 L diffiently not equal. In overall pretty nice.
What didn’t like, nothing other in terms of cars than GT series, but then would have called differently.

In few words, game worth mention, no modern graphics, but if you run on modest hardware the game is super choice for training and simulating quite good race with Challenging AI (lowest 80% – not for newbies in racing sim).

My best for now in terms of sim:

Keep healthy and stay tuned! It will have updates!


Xbox Experience


Hello fans!
With new 2021 year! Know, it’s already April.
Currently I moved from Tallinn and as you know, from youtube channel, doing something seriously different from usual.
I’m doing Xbox One videos, reason, don’t have PC in my new apartment, which is logical and practical.
Keeping myself fit, so I’m playing using Joystick.

Want to mention this Joystick – handy in most games, especially, shooters. But in racing it’s quite good, except maybe, shifting up/down key set.
But handable, enjoyable and I can improve the way around with this controller.

So I will keep posting (using OneDrive) my findings in Forza, maybe also Motosport 7, will see. Also will try to increase the duration of videos, all it’s need is new hard drive.

My current column:

Will keep updating and improving!
Be healthy!


Season 2020 conclusion

Holidays even in hardest days

Hello and welcome again.

Yes there were tons of episodes in life this year.
But I really want make very short review about my career in racing.
Currently I completely figured out the path where to go.
1. It’s PC, Forza or plain good Raceroom multiplayer
2. Upgrade of that already done, sacrificed 3 items to buy one PC and I love it.
3. All my Multiplayer expectations are done with more than I could expect, which I like.
4. I decided to concentrate on PC, Xbox One just too cool for shooters, but it will be wiser to me to continue with this device.

And finally, stay healthy! I mean it.
It’s just right to overcome all hard phases. There were tons of those in life of Earth. This is just one of them.
As always I promise to give new wins to you next year!
With Good Next Year and overcomes and Wins!


1 Year

It’s 1 year of my Youtube racing videos 🙂

Hello and welcome.
It’s 1 Year Anniversary of this Youtube channel.
Exactly 1 year ago I’ve came to a mind that I should show to public the Thing.
And it went well, 4k views 3 subscribers, 737 videos, tons of good comments! Thank you fans!

I mean it, yes it doesn’t sound that much, but I just realiazed that it gave effect, no commercial, but spirital one.
I will try to improve and advertise this invetion more and hope more people will value this as much as other. But already a progess!
Thank you and let’s continue with progress.