Laitse Experience

That stylish BMW

Yes I decided year ago, that I should press further the wall of my autosport career.
It’s not my first experience: was karting (roli team), this second, not second by status rather by index.
I’ve decided to move forward by one quite reachable approch -> Autosport Experience.

In short, Autosport experience for me it’s like fresh air, it’s a apple that you can eat, for your expenses.
But those expenses are quite reasonable and mostly modest.

So, right now, I will about my LatseRallyPark experience that was in November 2021. In short, good BMW -> old stylish, pure sport professional. Track is quite quite Rally Cross-ie, but with great asphalt parts, which I very like, personally, I would add more of them, and the track has couple of ultra slow barries / corners, nothing less, otherwise it’s not teaser. ๐Ÿ™‚
In terms of driving, nice, fully controllable. Was extremely suprised about comfort in the autosport car, was thinking it will be hard for me in terms of heat, but no, it was comfy. In otherwards, it was worth it.
Price: 4 laps 120 euros, includes: fuel, helmet rent, traning about track, training about the car and the drive and 7 euros to get from Tallinn, not far from the center.
My score to track: 8 of 10, maybe could be better, but I’m really concentrated on doing pure asphalt things.
But it was good.
Stay healthy and tunned!


News Sim Tools


And … the Compact ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s again about Hardware. Mini factor.
I’m here to say what I bought. Just hands-on experience, which was for me, for almost a year, a mistery.
Now I can say: mostly happy with HP Elitedesk G2 Mini.
Yes a bit old: i5 6500, 8Gb Ram, 256 Gb SSD.
And of course Intel 530 HD videocard
(by the way – almost like GT 730), on which most hope were.
All this compact did the thing!

There are also to mention: Intel NUC (the very first in history)
Dell Optiplex micro, Lenovo ThinkCentre, Fujitsu Esprimo.
My choice was between HP and Dell. Just HP did the trick.
There was worry about overheat, but no, nothing similar to that or I’m just playing good old Half-Life 2 on max settings, but on 1024px wide screen. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dell Optiplex
Lenovo ThinkCentre
Fujisu Esprimo

Speed, framerate in Racing sims? Quite nice, with darken videocard taste, good joy, works abs well in RaceRoom multiplayer (22 players in one track).
Also all tidy in Grid, GTR 2, will try with F1 2018.
That’s for future, the saddest part of course, small hard drive.

It’s SSD, but it’s quite small, for me 256 Gb is minimum.
But for now it’s all ok, with O at start.
So, I recomment those PCs, they 1. Small – handy in a way that 1.3kg with size of 17cm is a good chooice to pack and grab into almost any trip and plug it into other country (for cases of course need adapter to other plug systems).
2. Powerful – I would say a Good value / Small Factor.

In overall, good piece of nice PC. Recommend for those, who enjoy well designed sims/games with modest video settings and likes to travel.
Thank you for your time,
Enjoy the life!
Stay tunned


Latvian real

Bikernieki, my ‘spy’ photo ๐Ÿ™‚

So, since 1/2 part done, will continue with topic.
And this time it’s Latvian tracks, championships.
Since I’m in Latvia from Jan 2021 have been around tracks, in my way, and on websites.
So what I know.
I’m around a very historical track and musem.
It’s only [n] small amout of km near my apartment. ๐Ÿ™‚
And I like to walk there before work which gives power to continue.
So the first track is:
It’s very old, but is currently being kept as working track, since I heard racing loud, then it is being used properly which is good.

And of course official Latvian karing champhionship:

Have in mind step forward and join to this championship, but realized need to improve financial potential, it’s good time to think about, train more, and work good. My position in corporation became a bit better, did certifications. I will just continue doing like doing right now.

Some other useful links:

Sadly, yes, not much to say about Rally, excuse for that, just more concentrated on Formula, GT, WEC circuits.

That’s all, they will I hope be more info from me, will keep you informed.
Thank you,
Be healthy fans!

Lessons News

Estonian real

Auto24 track near Pรคrnu

This will be 2 stories topic seciton.
Would like to advice on some thigs I know about real-life tracks, karting and other in Estonian racing.
Yes, kinda went that way, that for an estonian citizen I have spoked about home country, even thought to do topic about Latvia (before this), but realized it just not right to mention this topic first.
So what I like in my home country in terms of this wonderful sport.
1. Our Rally racers, defiently, have for past 20 years did great.
2. Some of our Formula drivers, some did already tested F1. ๐Ÿ™‚
3. More the less streight-forward to step into Karting.

My real experience for now, is quite shy, only one course in karting (except couple of autosport museums, autoshows). But I’m ok with that, consintrated more on virtual (cheaper ๐Ÿ™‚ area.

My path only begun, but what can say, if you want, you should test, train and just do it, start from kart. In Estonia we have around 7-8 good tracks.
Here are great neat links to get involved:
Tracks and lap times: ( karting course)
Auto24 ring (our biggest one)
My fav part of track that you can test F1 Williams 2004 car
as course for around 2k euro. Maybe will attend this too some day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah, also we have our own Estonian karting union and championship:

Yeah, perphaps that is it for now, it’s small article, but I like to keep it small and know what I’m telling.
Hope you will topic and links useful.
Thank you,
Stay tunned!


Playstation mention

Would like to point out one interesting topic, which close to me.
It is (Until today) to write in this blog only about Xbox, Forza and so on.

So time came for Playstation. In this topic Playstation 2.
One of the most popular console on Earth, the holder of my most favourite game: Driver 2. Also of course home of Gran Turismo.
Will not mention this game that much, but played quite much Gran Turismo 4 Apex.

So why Playstation 2? Because this console is still being played by tons of people and espcially, your retro estetic, me.
Yes I played tons of hours in 2019, 2020. Since in Riga don’t have this console, have in mind again to buy the console.

What I personally like is the graphics, this famous Playstation smooth flow in games, optimzations and just fun games. PES 2008, Driver 2, Gran Turismo 4, qutie good stucked in memory The Getaway: Black Monday, fun games, recommend to those, who missed 2000s and who wants to refresh his good memories. ๐Ÿ™‚
In overall just couldn’t pass by not mentioning this wonderful console.
Stay tunned!