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Hello fans!
With new 2021 year! Know, it’s already April.
Currently I moved from Tallinn and as you know, from youtube channel, doing something seriously different from usual.
I’m doing Xbox One videos, reason, don’t have PC in my new apartment, which is logical and practical.
Keeping myself fit, so I’m playing using Joystick.

Want to mention this Joystick – handy in most games, especially, shooters. But in racing it’s quite good, except maybe, shifting up/down key set.
But handable, enjoyable and I can improve the way around with this controller.

So I will keep posting (using OneDrive) my findings in Forza, maybe also Motosport 7, will see. Also will try to increase the duration of videos, all it’s need is new hard drive.

My current column:

Will keep updating and improving!
Be healthy!


Season 2020 conclusion

Holidays even in hardest days

Hello and welcome again.

Yes there were tons of episodes in life this year.
But I really want make very short review about my career in racing.
Currently I completely figured out the path where to go.
1. It’s PC, Forza or plain good Raceroom multiplayer
2. Upgrade of that already done, sacrificed 3 items to buy one PC and I love it.
3. All my Multiplayer expectations are done with more than I could expect, which I like.
4. I decided to concentrate on PC, Xbox One just too cool for shooters, but it will be wiser to me to continue with this device.

And finally, stay healthy! I mean it.
It’s just right to overcome all hard phases. There were tons of those in life of Earth. This is just one of them.
As always I promise to give new wins to you next year!
With Good Next Year and overcomes and Wins!


1 Year

It’s 1 year of my Youtube racing videos 🙂

Hello and welcome.
It’s 1 Year Anniversary of this Youtube channel.
Exactly 1 year ago I’ve came to a mind that I should show to public the Thing.
And it went well, 4k views 3 subscribers, 737 videos, tons of good comments! Thank you fans!

I mean it, yes it doesn’t sound that much, but I just realiazed that it gave effect, no commercial, but spirital one.
I will try to improve and advertise this invetion more and hope more people will value this as much as other. But already a progess!
Thank you and let’s continue with progress.


About Full race

Small recap about my first ever full length Grand prix race.

I’ve told already that I did 2 36 laps races.
It’s just beginning, thought I like smaller races more. But I really wanted to show to you and me first of all, that I can, can compete full time. 🙂
And I did it, yes last lap too optimistic, have 60% chances that in real life will not make this move, but really wanted to win.

About feelings: after 38 lap felt my head goes somewhere, but after 2 laps 2nd breath came and it went quite well. Maybe I’ve quite prepared to such sacrifices of time, but it’s worth it.

One notice more: only 4 minutes from actual 2015 F1 Spanish race. I’m not that far. 🙂

Happy that in most multiplayer online races never last than 25 minutes which more than to show your skills, but not stamina.

Overall, liked this race, if will be time will create such challenges.



Partners 🙂

Hello, and welcome again.
This time it’s about partnership with You!
I’m searching for partners to my video channel.
You can be musician, teacher, also race driver
and we both will have benefits by advertising each other.

I offer one of ways: I advertising your music exp and you advertise one, many races I make.

It’s simple. Send your link to channel, site, offer and we talk about it. My email:
Together easier to gain audience.

Image source:


Race strategy

What to do with lap behinders: overtake

Hello again.
It’s time talk again.

My concern today is the strategy.
Fot the first time from this month I’ve started
to create Half and Full race length races.
Currently kinda sticked with F1 2015, because it’s just feels right.
Created 2 14 lap and 2 Half length races.
This video is good example:

So far so good. I’ve made progess, it’s visible.
In terms of this example:
My greatest mistake in the race is the 1st pit strategy.
I should have turn to pitstop sonner and one of the things is The Blue flag: so called lap behinders. 🙂
I’ve made, actually, in terms of laps, full length race, but previous video went off because someone punched me in the rear side. a bit far from 1st corner. 🙂
Sad, but it’s life.
I don’t, but it’s a gentlemen’s rule, not bother much like this, the ones who are battling for first.
However in some race behinders gave me a chance to sneaky overtakes the first.

Pits is new thing for me. Just learning and it tells me direction to go further. Improve this one.
As you can see I like late first pits, just less crowded.
And I will continue to improve. No more only 7 laps, found idea to use my stability in races for maximum result in race and I like it.

One notice also is New tyre set.
Yes it’s also new thing for me and I feel quite nice the difference between them. Logical, it takes me time to connect them with the car. Trying to do it smoothly.

Will keep further pushes. 🙂
Stay tunned.


A new simulator

Hello, it’s bein a while.
Haven’t spoked with you, but it’s now to say about my new idea of putting Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Racer and Thrustmaster  Ferrari 458 Spider Xbox One to my Xbox one.
The result…
Well I would say most of my pkan was accomplished and it works splendently with Horizon 2, by the way, recommend this game, for all Nice Italy lovers and me too.
Again the most result in budget: 200 euros of whole set.
So here it is the wheel base

Overall feeling of equipment: Pretty nice for a budget wheel, feels very soft in steering, but for 90 euros worth it. As for Wheel base no negative sides for now, pure joy, stable and weights right about 10 kg on the carpet and just does what should do.
In overall like it and will continue with it for now.

A video: a link to video



Yes the time came.
To show up Again my skills and compete against
real drivers.
It’s already 6 months I spread around whole circtuit bunch of cool AIs, but that’s not the target for me. Only driving with real drivers will give me much more info who I am right now.
So I went to known PC sim/shop 🙂
And it’s RaceRoom (RR).
Good, stable with more the less medium sort steerting, with known physics. And what really
like I personally is that the game is Free.
You only need Steam and you up against all guys that like mostly GT and LMP.
I like more formulas but for now I see ability to compete with GT players and I doing that from this week.

So I did some parts of my current target.
But it’s only the beginning easy to say, but would like to continue, will try my best and hope there will be tons of podiums, for now the picture looks promising. I hope so.
Lets hope for the best and be strongest if possbile.

Sim Tools

Forza Motosport 7

Hello again fans!

I’ven’t written for long time. Yes maybe due the worldwide situation. As everyone, wish this will over and we can continue living.
But as short writter I like to more focus topic and today’s topic is about Forza Motosport 7.
The only competitor from my of view to Gran Turismo 6.
So in few sentences a creative approach on some mission races, never played before this series and can say, wow you really put affort on it, especially wet races.
I personally don’t like to race in wet conditions, but sim proves to be the best for now in terms of rain, heavy rain and especially puddles.
In overall I really like this sim, gained Masters right now. Althougth there are some feelings what I don’t like is that sometimes the vehicles feel idential with overstearing, but just feeling.
Also I feel frustrating due that fact not able to play freeplay on every track I want with every car I want, like in CARS.
In overall a complete solid, rich and valuable game for Xbox One, it’s a true exclusive.



Yes. Time came to talk about overtakes.
One of my favourites. I kept this a long time and decided now is the time to show up tricks I’ve done so far.
For that I’ve putted 2 jars in treasure chest.
Those include inner, outer, cross-inner overtakes.
Check it out: