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Hello, today I would like to talk about simulators I had and currently having.
The ones that I want to touch: Assetto Corsa, F12013, rFactor2, project CARS, Dirt 4, Grid Autosport.

Sims, graphics, physics, overview for now

It will be feature comparisson table.
So in my point of view (again my imho) I think the best one for now it’s CARS, then goes rFactor2, Assetto Corsa. This is for the classical circtuit races. For rally it’s only Dirt 4. For Formula 1 I will stick with F1 of codemasters, but CARS also neat.

In terms of best I meant overall experience, variaty of cars, tracks, comuunity, realism.
In realism the winner is rFactor2 then very shortly comes Assetto Corsa, I really like their braking system, it’s quite realistic.

In terms of graphics it’s CARS, spotted out by exploring sims in my old PC.
My current target is to get hands on Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon 4, they did wonderful job on detailization, just great! Console is next thing.
Also CARS has Huge amount of cars to drive.

And the physics, I think it’s key feature, I mean we all live in One place that can’t and shouldn’t break laws of physics (I mean we can do that in games, but no simulators to be called simulators), glad that this rule is applied in those games.
The winner it’s mostly rFactor2 (tyres, wind, suspension, collision) and in some places Assetto Corsa (breaking system) , then comes CARS (overall very stable, really fun super kart).

In terms of old consoles (PS2) I will mention Gran Turismo 4, good. Also fun to drive Driver 2, my favourite game, but it’s more just fun and hardcore missions.

Well, that’s for now. It’s only about my experience so far in PC. How it will in modern console soon find out.
Thanks for reading this.