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Forza Motosport 7

Hello again fans!

I’ven’t written for long time. Yes maybe due the worldwide situation. As everyone, wish this will over and we can continue living.
But as short writter I like to more focus topic and today’s topic is about Forza Motosport 7.
The only competitor from my of view to Gran Turismo 6.
So in few sentences a creative approach on some mission races, never played before this series and can say, wow you really put affort on it, especially wet races.
I personally don’t like to race in wet conditions, but sim proves to be the best for now in terms of rain, heavy rain and especially puddles.
In overall I really like this sim, gained Masters right now. Althougth there are some feelings what I don’t like is that sometimes the vehicles feel idential with overstearing, but just feeling.
Also I feel frustrating due that fact not able to play freeplay on every track I want with every car I want, like in CARS.
In overall a complete solid, rich and valuable game for Xbox One, it’s a true exclusive.