Yes the time came.
To show up Again my skills and compete against
real drivers.
It’s already 6 months I spread around whole circtuit bunch of cool AIs, but that’s not the target for me. Only driving with real drivers will give me much more info who I am right now.
So I went to known PC sim/shop 🙂
And it’s RaceRoom (RR).
Good, stable with more the less medium sort steerting, with known physics. And what really
like I personally is that the game is Free.
You only need Steam and you up against all guys that like mostly GT and LMP.
I like more formulas but for now I see ability to compete with GT players and I doing that from this week.

So I did some parts of my current target.
But it’s only the beginning easy to say, but would like to continue, will try my best and hope there will be tons of podiums, for now the picture looks promising. I hope so.
Lets hope for the best and be strongest if possbile.