A new simulator

Hello, it’s bein a while.
Haven’t spoked with you, but it’s now to say about my new idea of putting Next Level Racing Wheel Stand Racer and Thrustmaster  Ferrari 458 Spider Xbox One to my Xbox one.
The result…
Well I would say most of my pkan was accomplished and it works splendently with Horizon 2, by the way, recommend this game, for all Nice Italy lovers and me too.
Again the most result in budget: 200 euros of whole set.
So here it is the wheel base

Overall feeling of equipment: Pretty nice for a budget wheel, feels very soft in steering, but for 90 euros worth it. As for Wheel base no negative sides for now, pure joy, stable and weights right about 10 kg on the carpet and just does what should do.
In overall like it and will continue with it for now.

A video: a link to video