About Full race

Small recap about my first ever full length Grand prix race.

I’ve told already that I did 2 36 laps races.
It’s just beginning, thought I like smaller races more. But I really wanted to show to you and me first of all, that I can, can compete full time. 🙂
And I did it, yes last lap too optimistic, have 60% chances that in real life will not make this move, but really wanted to win.

About feelings: after 38 lap felt my head goes somewhere, but after 2 laps 2nd breath came and it went quite well. Maybe I’ve quite prepared to such sacrifices of time, but it’s worth it.

One notice more: only 4 minutes from actual 2015 F1 Spanish race. I’m not that far. 🙂

Happy that in most multiplayer online races never last than 25 minutes which more than to show your skills, but not stamina.

Overall, liked this race, if will be time will create such challenges.