Race strategy

What to do with lap behinders: overtake

Hello again.
It’s time talk again.

My concern today is the strategy.
Fot the first time from this month I’ve started
to create Half and Full race length races.
Currently kinda sticked with F1 2015, because it’s just feels right.
Created 2 14 lap and 2 Half length races.
This video is good example:

So far so good. I’ve made progess, it’s visible.
In terms of this example:
My greatest mistake in the race is the 1st pit strategy.
I should have turn to pitstop sonner and one of the things is The Blue flag: so called lap behinders. 🙂
I’ve made, actually, in terms of laps, full length race, but previous video went off because someone punched me in the rear side. a bit far from 1st corner. 🙂
Sad, but it’s life.
I don’t, but it’s a gentlemen’s rule, not bother much like this, the ones who are battling for first.
However in some race behinders gave me a chance to sneaky overtakes the first.

Pits is new thing for me. Just learning and it tells me direction to go further. Improve this one.
As you can see I like late first pits, just less crowded.
And I will continue to improve. No more only 7 laps, found idea to use my stability in races for maximum result in race and I like it.

One notice also is New tyre set.
Yes it’s also new thing for me and I feel quite nice the difference between them. Logical, it takes me time to connect them with the car. Trying to do it smoothly.

Will keep further pushes. 🙂
Stay tunned.