Season 2020 conclusion

Holidays even in hardest days

Hello and welcome again.

Yes there were tons of episodes in life this year.
But I really want make very short review about my career in racing.
Currently I completely figured out the path where to go.
1. It’s PC, Forza or plain good Raceroom multiplayer
2. Upgrade of that already done, sacrificed 3 items to buy one PC and I love it.
3. All my Multiplayer expectations are done with more than I could expect, which I like.
4. I decided to concentrate on PC, Xbox One just too cool for shooters, but it will be wiser to me to continue with this device.

And finally, stay healthy! I mean it.
It’s just right to overcome all hard phases. There were tons of those in life of Earth. This is just one of them.
As always I promise to give new wins to you next year!
With Good Next Year and overcomes and Wins!