Xbox Experience


Hello fans!
With new 2021 year! Know, it’s already April.
Currently I moved from Tallinn and as you know, from youtube channel, doing something seriously different from usual.
I’m doing Xbox One videos, reason, don’t have PC in my new apartment, which is logical and practical.
Keeping myself fit, so I’m playing using Joystick.

Want to mention this Joystick – handy in most games, especially, shooters. But in racing it’s quite good, except maybe, shifting up/down key set.
But handable, enjoyable and I can improve the way around with this controller.

So I will keep posting (using OneDrive) my findings in Forza, maybe also Motosport 7, will see. Also will try to increase the duration of videos, all it’s need is new hard drive.

My current column:

Will keep updating and improving!
Be healthy!