Playstation mention

Would like to point out one interesting topic, which close to me.
It is (Until today) to write in this blog only about Xbox, Forza and so on.

So time came for Playstation. In this topic Playstation 2.
One of the most popular console on Earth, the holder of my most favourite game: Driver 2. Also of course home of Gran Turismo.
Will not mention this game that much, but played quite much Gran Turismo 4 Apex.

So why Playstation 2? Because this console is still being played by tons of people and espcially, your retro estetic, me.
Yes I played tons of hours in 2019, 2020. Since in Riga don’t have this console, have in mind again to buy the console.

What I personally like is the graphics, this famous Playstation smooth flow in games, optimzations and just fun games. PES 2008, Driver 2, Gran Turismo 4, qutie good stucked in memory The Getaway: Black Monday, fun games, recommend to those, who missed 2000s and who wants to refresh his good memories. 🙂
In overall just couldn’t pass by not mentioning this wonderful console.
Stay tunned!