Latvian real

Bikernieki, my ‘spy’ photo 🙂

So, since 1/2 part done, will continue with topic.
And this time it’s Latvian tracks, championships.
Since I’m in Latvia from Jan 2021 have been around tracks, in my way, and on websites.
So what I know.
I’m around a very historical track and museum.
And I like to walk there before work which gives power to continue.
So the first track is:
It’s very old, but is currently being kept as working track, since I heard racing loud, then it is being used properly which is good.

And of course official Latvian karing champhionship:

Have in mind step forward and join to this championship, but realized need to improve financial potential, it’s good time to think about, train more, and work good. My position in corporation became a bit better, did certifications. I will just continue doing like doing right now.

Some other useful links:

Sadly, yes, not much to say about Rally, excuse for that, just more concentrated on Formula, GT, WEC circuits.

That’s all, they will I hope be more info from me, will keep you informed.
Thank you,
Be healthy fans!