Experience N3

Nams experience.
Hello again.
Time for action -> and if I mean then I did it.
The time came to less shine.
I picked as first Latvian experience Nams Karting Halle.
Not far from centre of Riga.

My second experience in Indoor Karting Centre.
And it was cool, glad even on empty track (trase in Latvian) I can add some steam into wheels. I personally think I was able to drive in quite good tempo, much better in that sense than N2. No major issues. Just 4 times slightly hit 7th corner 🙂 But overall nice track, it’s about over 300 meters.

Personally liked the 4th, 5th corners -> there was chance to speed quite awesome for indoor track (!).
Best time: 0:53:794, shy a bit to check with overall best lap time, but I think it’s good for first try on this track.
The Price: 15 minutes -> 20 euros.

Time is ok, trase is good, recommend. Good for small team race.