Experience N5

Hello folks!
It’s quite quick yes, to send to you new article.
I’m a bit rushing on this, but I really want to.

Today I’ll be telling about my 5th experience in racing.
This time -> Biń∑ernieku kartinga trase,
It was a very good Indoor track experience.
To say, at least, I know quite clear that was close to limits of track in term of lap time.

There was 2 sessions: one ‘normal‘ lap 0:35:210, which was ok, but I saw from previous driver, that it’s just ‘grandpa’ in terms of speed. So I really decided to dig into uncompleted corners.
The research went well -> 2nd session 0:32:502, which is only 3 seconds from mega ultimate lap, for first time on this trase, very good.
What I really liked about track -> most corners, it’s very laconic -> it’s pure logical for 1st section, super nice hairpin with even cooler than enter to last section and last section.
Especially last section -> ultra fast, I could do more, just still need some (with gained, as usual, attitude) imperfection about care. Yes, the care about the kart, just full throttle, which is still not completed from my side. Yet to improve.

For those next 2 weeks it’s a pause for now, will be doing something defiantly. After some rest will continue with karting in Latvia. There are minimum 3 tracks, which like to try. Only 1 is required (well -> my plan).

All, stay healthy and have with summer!