Wet Premier

Kandava track

Hello again.

It’s great. The time came for my First Experience in Wet conditions!
Kandava (Classic version).
Yeah, slippery, plenty of water – the building block of life, but reservation is reservation, so I decided to give it a try.
The unusual part was wearing racing suit, was very comfy using suit. To be honest, was a bit scared at the beginning of session.

And.. it went again well. But, for the first time, I made 2 spin-outs, 1 quite huge error in the 7th corner turn, too late breaking. Hopefully only on grass without hitting anything, lucky. 🙂
Best time: 1:35:356, good time, of course, too far from record, but that’s ok, rain conditions. Really loved that semi-last corner, it goes from one low point and it’s a huge turn then it goes up and a big real slide to the bottom, just super, rare for Baltic state to have track with gradient, thanks!

Good track, not my finest I would say, but quite interesting and challenging and quite gambly on the last sector. Recomend to try.
No promises for now, stay tunned.