What motivates Me

Hi, long time no see. 🙂
Writting to you, because it was quite a while.


Today small, but very vital to me more non-physical topic. It’s not about real cars, not about great hardware.

You guessed it right -> Motivation and Spirit improvement.
As you can see my speed in virtual becoming better.
My explanation for the past 2 months -> The small things that gives me motivation.
And what gives motivation:

1. Combination between Multiple things: like playing shooters and then playing race games.
2. Music, Stream and Videos, yes number 1 in my sounds and visual list.
3. Stability in the work -> More the less. It’s already more than 1.6 years in the Corporation.
4. Give people love and support -> give it for free, I love it, it powers my soul and heart.
5. Physical exercises -> Run and Bycicle -> Bycicle not my favourite, but with breezy one it’s super cool trought huge City.

One I like most it’s combining sequencily different things. It keeps my life. Like After shop -> Playing game -> and then again. I keep going and going. 😉
Sometimes loop of two, sometimes, 3.
I like it and I feel fresh -> this add ability to increase my speed. Also new trainings from Youtube just kick some additional boost. 🙂

It’s totally personal, just it’s my way, which I think, works super well for now.
Will keep you posted.
Be healthy!