Classic from Riga

My Favourite in the museum, BMW one 🙂 Second – Audi ultra classic formula

So, The Time finally came for me to enter new Museum.
And I did, at last, by walking 1.5 km from apartment to Riga Auto Museum.

Just beautiful – I can say, gorgeous exhibition of good Classic cars in super condition.
Blue ones, Mini’s, old Buses and even Latvia’s produced cars (yes there were here).
Like the 1st floor and 2nd, some neat Bus, Race cars (neat kart) stuff and even Simulator. 🙂

There are 3 levels and each has it’s own unique Set of cars, which is nice and logical and there are tons of Info stands with any popular language to choose from.
Great collection.

Will not spoiler too much, it’s wise to enter this hall of our movable history, the price is 10 euros and You should check it out by yourself, it is worth it!
Stay healthy 🙂