Conclusion 2022

Hello folks!
It’s time for Average Yearly conclusion from my side.


So, will start with Speed that was put inside this Year’s races.
To be short, quite nice, it was improved a lot with starting turn
and maybe small adjustments in late stage of tuning.
What about Power. Yes, Channel Videos now became more powerful!

Why? I totally think it’s about <<combining>> daily work and Real / Virtual Switch.
This year was Total Step forward towards real races. I did 7 tests and 1 race. Quite nice, those are expenisve, can’t afford of having to much of them, but they gave boost!
Will use some power (as always some portion) for real events, but also great travel plan inside. 🙂

Second, daily work. You do know I don’t talk much about work in good Corporation, it’s not always ideal, but in total it gives me power, pleasure and support, improves reason to continue both: programming Software and progressing in Autosport.
Will try to keep up with work even better than currently.

Also I think my Giving to people support helps me unrealistically. It’s something everyone can try. It’s just nice. 🙂
Have health and support inside next year!
Heads cool, respect each other, love Earth and continue!