New plan 2023

Hi folks!
Once for annual plan.
Yes the plan, yes maybe Iceland. 🙂
But that’s turism.

The main plan for 2023 year is quite modest comparing to 2022, yet still have ideas on some very good experiences.
Yes, maybe not that much of karting, but that’s ok, again turism trip did some corrections and, of course, overall money that is left from expenses of the month.

To be precise some Adventure good lessons, some karting.
In virtual Will try to buy / bring Wheel at last.
More focused on buying first powerful pc for me in Latvia.
Don’t like moving big things around apartments.

Also I’m not forgetting to support family and All other people, this brings joy to me. 🙂

And in terms of soft, maybe it’s wise to re-check my skills in iRacing and, of course, will keep coming with goods with Project CARS 3.

Ok, that’s main plan, will correlate if required.
Guys, be happy and healthy!