Experience 4 of 2023

Hello folks and fans!
It’s time to tell about my, maybe, last of this year experience.

Will start with most common, name -> Kandava trase.
Yes, big fancy with nice management and overall good track. Maybe, not my best, since I’m really not ideal on this track, but that is only my issue.

My kart number 2 -> that is 4th time

About this experience, it went more than I’ve expected.
For starts, it’s again rain, almost identical to what was in 2022, that exactly year ago.
For second and most vital and pleseant part.
I wasn’t alone! It’s not always easy in foreign country.
Latvia became much more than foreign country, I mean, I already 3 years, but still there things to improve, from my side.
So this time it’s 5 competitors and went really a race.

Race went well, rolling start (again it’s improvised) and good second part of session.
I went close to 3rd (by time) opponent, felt of course, gamble and passion to pursuite him or fastest of the track.
But most I like is how I started on late part to become very confident on 10th corner, also I very much liked that I did a lot of gamble at 6th corner.
It felt nice, even that less appealing to me 11th corner.
And, of course, great speed trap of 1th corner, it’s always exiciting out there.

In other words, cool, love it when not alone.
With good opponents made personal best in rain conditions for now,
time 1:23:911, this gave ability know, yes, I can compete with very advanced developers of driving.
Will keep that up and improve.
Stay tunned, be good and be healthy!