Vilnius Simulator

Hello folks!
It’s again your famous ‘musician’ -> Alex.
And today I would like to tell about Vilnius simulator.

Simulator room, plenty of space for 4 drivers

Typically it’s only virtual sim, but also a friendly racing club with it’s own atmosphere.
There is instructor inside and he can help with any suggestion, quesiton about laps, corners and so on.
It was worth it.

My setup: Spa and Formula 1 F138, fuel: 20 littres, tyres: soft tyres.
Feeling: it’s just great, super wide monitor and powerful pedals and bigger (than average) steering wheel. What can I see, wow, wanted that sim afterwards. Just great, the power and force to get to pedals is awesome.
Quite surprised that accelerator pedal is harder than usual, other than that cool vision.
Super toolkit for home, but a bit expensive.
In total did around 15 laps and … best time: 1:52:441,
yeah it’s a bit modest, but worth the thing. 🙂

Formula 1 on semi-last corner in Spa, and me, thank you Maulika for photo 🙂

It was quite realistic that around 5 laps were only warm-laps.
There is one great attribute that is inside room, but I will not tell, it’s very good surprise.
Recommend visit, it was cool in overall and not that expensive.
Stay tunned!