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Small topic article.
Would like to talk about good old modeling.

I honestly only buying those, but nevertheless doing models is cool!
Just look at this.

What can I say, beautiful. In terms of that I think it’s very nice, spiritual thing. Besides spirit it can be even profitable business.
I have some collection, but nothing compares to real collectionists.

Ok, that’s about it for this topic, famous or favourite, that master can do it for You.
Sometimes offtopic, but stay tunned.


Learn article 1

Driver61 Driving School

Hi, It’s not common to me to talk about this.
But as most driver can be sometimes not 100% pleased with his/her speed.
And therefore there are some cool lessons.
One stambleupon is the Driver61 Sim course.
It’s mostly for sim racing, but I find extra special both for real and virtual.
It’s great.
I’m not expert, but the man does it great, actually very good lessons to check even for very pro racer to improve skills.
Will recommend: Channel

One of my favourites, about breaks and throttle:

That’s one first about coaches article.
Will further recommend something really great to you when find another.
Thanks for viewing and stay in good shape!

Lessons News

Estonian real

Auto24 track near Pรคrnu

This will be 2 stories topic seciton.
Would like to advice on some thigs I know about real-life tracks, karting and other in Estonian racing.
Yes, kinda went that way, that for an estonian citizen I have spoked about home country, even thought to do topic about Latvia (before this), but realized it just not right to mention this topic first.
So what I like in my home country in terms of this wonderful sport.
1. Our Rally racers, defiently, have for past 20 years did great.
2. Some of our Formula drivers, some did already tested F1. ๐Ÿ™‚
3. More the less streight-forward to step into Karting.

My real experience for now, is quite shy, only one course in karting (except couple of autosport museums, autoshows). But I’m ok with that, consintrated more on virtual (cheaper ๐Ÿ™‚ area.

My path only begun, but what can say, if you want, you should test, train and just do it, start from kart. In Estonia we have around 7-8 good tracks.
Here are great neat links to get involved:
Tracks and lap times: ( karting course)
Auto24 ring (our biggest one)
My fav part of track that you can test F1 Williams 2004 car
as course for around 2k euro. Maybe will attend this too some day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah, also we have our own Estonian karting union and championship:

Yeah, perphaps that is it for now, it’s small article, but I like to keep it small and know what I’m telling.
Hope you will topic and links useful.
Thank you,
Stay tunned!



Yes. Time came to talk about overtakes.
One of my favourites. I kept this a long time and decided now is the time to show up tricks I’ve done so far.
For that I’ve putted 2 jars in treasure chest.
Those include inner, outer, cross-inner overtakes.
Check it out: