Now 2022
Not move a muscle with PC, obtained mini HP eliteDesk and love it.
Decided to keep Xbox One S, dreamed a bit about Series X, but that’s for future, stash more to wheel.
Some ideas of autosport sites.
Will try to move more towards Simulator rooms and Racing Experiences.
Had 3 Experiences in Latvia,
Karting Indoor N3, Karting Outdoors N4, Indoor N5

That was 2021
Decided to move with PC.
Sadly, their is possibility of shortness of car racing progress, as new work is located a bit further. But will keep myself fit as usual.
Did couple 2nds in Forza Motosport 7 and usual good at Grid and project CARS 2.
Some good races in GTR 2 old cool sim.
Made Album of best races.
First ever tried Classic GT car, maybe old, but stylish.

Hard year.
To try out real events, karting, sportive sedan rent on famous Estonian tracks.
Also to try things online either PS4, or continue stick with PC.
The done part:
Bought Xbox One, love that joystick.
Eventually I’ve improved tons of my results (with the help of my fans and advisers) in RaceRoom Multiplayer, which I really like.

Short history of what is done:

2019 – Decided that racing with AI, real opponents is ok, but I needed something more and created for those cases my personal racing channel, for analysis, for personal showcase and meanwhile it can be used a small racing school. 🙂

History in Real racing:
Took official Karting lessons in Tallinn in 2019 held by Roli karting team -> Experience N1.
There was also was my first race.
Took 3rd out 4 racers.

2018 – Decided to try Grid Autosport and went so well that completed every levels on medium and hard to and learned things in Tallinn’s Karting school (roli.ee, unibet keskus) .