Experience 4 of 2023

Hello folks and fans!
It’s time to tell about my, maybe, last of this year experience.

Will start with most common, name -> Kandava trase.
Yes, big fancy with nice management and overall good track. Maybe, not my best, since I’m really not ideal on this track, but that is only my issue.

My kart number 2 -> that is 4th time

About this experience, it went more than I’ve expected.
For starts, it’s again rain, almost identical to what was in 2022, that exactly year ago.
For second and most vital and pleseant part.
I wasn’t alone! It’s not always easy in foreign country.
Latvia became much more than foreign country, I mean, I already 3 years, but still there things to improve, from my side.
So this time it’s 5 competitors and went really a race.

Race went well, rolling start (again it’s improvised) and good second part of session.
I went close to 3rd (by time) opponent, felt of course, gamble and passion to pursuite him or fastest of the track.
But most I like is how I started on late part to become very confident on 10th corner, also I very much liked that I did a lot of gamble at 6th corner.
It felt nice, even that less appealing to me 11th corner.
And, of course, great speed trap of 1th corner, it’s always exiciting out there.

In other words, cool, love it when not alone.
With good opponents made personal best in rain conditions for now,
time 1:23:911, this gave ability know, yes, I can compete with very advanced developers of driving.
Will keep that up and improve.
Stay tunned, be good and be healthy!


3rd Laitse

This time my experience went with vacation in Estonia, my origin country and the one where I live and occasionally came back to visit my family.

This time it’s modest, but with good taste LaitseRallyPark karting small track.

There is big track, sadly, it’s for pro teams.
Conditions: dry and sunnary +19 degrees C.
Nothing fancy, again there was rain, but when we got to the track it was dry, so the times can be most battliesh.

But it went better after than before, that is, quite nice track. I could not expect more for track that small,
around 620 meters: but it has quite dangerous first s-turn and quite nice right to left turn, well you can see yourself, quite nice.
I say, good sporty session without big rest laps (I thought of doing those, but decided not to).

I’m quite happy with results, went well.
A good: 0:51:638 best time of mine, for first time on this track, I heard, quite nice.

Will keep on trying hard so more and be better.
Stay connected and happy races! 🙂


Second Experience 2023

So again me, this time with only 2nd experience of this year. Yes, I know there wasn’t any huge real events for me in this year. Can explain easily, many costs of life and also couping for some hardware and gifts for relatives. 🙂

From this 2nd event can say, wow, nice track. Indeed it’s Big version of 333, not typical karting track, actually, it’s about standard wet and winter normal car excersice field, but track is good.
Quite good, feels you can aim every time on apex (visible in the video) and love: the slide of 2nd, 3rd, 4th corner and 9th corner acceleration, love this 9th-s corner. From good braking to very smooth acceleration.

Overall, nice track, not that much in terms of cash spent on session. Worth every money.
Thanks and see on other track!


Company Event

Hello folks!
It’s same rare me and this time something fun, this time we workers created our own mini one race cup.

We choosed Karting and track was Bikirnieku trase.
And how it went?
Well on paper not ideal (my 7th number kart Really had tracker issue -> maybe too many bumbs from me 🙂 and before that), but I was very satisfied with quality of N finals round. If Qualifying round was usually from my, well… a bit dissapointing 0:34.3, then I just nailded the N finals.

In details, rolling start, was in last position (total 5 players). Start went well, but it took 2 full laps for action to become activated. And then the Real action came -> From to 5th to 4th (lady in 4h and man in 3th) stucked on corner, I passed them in a agressive way. but result is there, Then quickly reached 2nd -> Yes! Now I’m 2nd
And to be short 1st just slipped on hard corner, nice try guys! Quite agressive I was there on first 6 laps out of 12 laps.
After -> total my usual routine, no mistakes, finished first in this nice round.

Sadly the only part that again lacked from my side is Qualifying round, should really pay more attention to this Really vital thing.

But, in overall, good event. It was charming, even if there wasn’t Pro, but just nice competitors in hands of my own collegues. Recommend to other companies and just fellows to spend good time! 🙂
Stay tunned!


New plan 2023

Hi folks!
Once for annual plan.
Yes the plan, yes maybe Iceland. 🙂
But that’s turism.

The main plan for 2023 year is quite modest comparing to 2022, yet still have ideas on some very good experiences.
Yes, maybe not that much of karting, but that’s ok, again turism trip did some corrections and, of course, overall money that is left from expenses of the month.

To be precise some Adventure good lessons, some karting.
In virtual Will try to buy / bring Wheel at last.
More focused on buying first powerful pc for me in Latvia.
Don’t like moving big things around apartments.

Also I’m not forgetting to support family and All other people, this brings joy to me. 🙂

And in terms of soft, maybe it’s wise to re-check my skills in iRacing and, of course, will keep coming with goods with Project CARS 3.

Ok, that’s main plan, will correlate if required.
Guys, be happy and healthy!