Sim Tools

My sim tools

Hello, today I would like to inform what I’m using as Virtual autosport tool.
For starters, I’m using PC, Windows 8, 4 core 7 year old PC. With this one it’s the wheel Logitech G29.
Still don’t doubt with this wheel, however with program drivers it’s behaving a bit weird, but more realistic power steering.
Here are the screens

My old friend square monitor Samsung
Pedals with ‘unique’ sticking system 🙂
Ready to go
Intel iCore 5, all games except after 2017 made, however Dirt 4 works perfectly on this pc.

In terms of shifter, I have it but I don’t use it.
In my sense it’s just right for me to leafs, so I’m using them.


My best sim races

Yes, it’s time.
To make small report, based on 6 seasons.
Here is the list of all and per simulator.
My PC is not 100% modern, so sims are a bit outdated yet more than truthful.

Ok, here we go.

Current Best (Feb 2020):
1. Washington F1 (Grid)
Though I haven’t won, I think it’s for now best one.
Videos scenes:
Scene 1 (video)
Scene 3(video)
End part (video)

2. Mountain Dallara (Grid)
Yes, I think latest videos are best so far.

3. Willow Springs (CARS)
End part (video)

4. Oulton Park Forsters
Yes, speed tracks I like, they feel right for me.
This race started Performance epic.
End part (video)

5. Monaco Honda Gold (rFactor 2)
Other parts: Part 2 (video)
End part (video)

6. California Pure

And Some Nominees:
7. Black Cat Country check out (Assetto Corsa)
8. Watkins Glen to see (CARS)
End part (video)
9. Zandvoort Chase be my guest (rFactor 2)
10. Brands Hot Gold do check
And some very good races:
Panorama Dream (video)
Mills Outer GP (video)
Laguna Tatuus (video)
Panorama Battle (video)
Bannochbrae Road GP (video)
Arb Mercedes (video) like this one, I would like to call keep studying and working on track!


About Youtube channel

So it’s time to talk about my channel.
The purpose of creating this channel was: to sync with other drivers and check how I’m compaired to them. Seems that the goal was reached and even more, I’ve understood that I feel now more satisfied by uploading more videos, gives this feeling that it’s just right.

It’s already 7 months, 6 seasons.
It’s already 553 videos, some postponed, but 95% are open to all to discuss and first see.

For now very modest ratings in terms of views.
I will continue, by this I’ve purchased Action camera to capture even more in real life.

Again the link: Youtube channel
Feels to check my vidoes, likes, comments are appreciated.


Brussels Autoworld

This maybe look a bit strange, but I would like to add about museums, especially, auto, autosport related.

Haven’t been that much on Expos, museums, but I think this small review would be useful.

So today I would like to add about Brussels Autoworld, for my imho, not huge, not small.
Adult ticket is about 12 euros, it’s worth it.

In this museum there is big focus on very old cars, which I personally don’t like that much, but visually they are in good form.
There tons of old cars aslo hypercars and formula 1s, old and new. Perpahs a bit strange, but aslo VW Golf 7 is also in the pack. I guentee you will find something for yourself there in positive way. If in Brussels do check the museum. Recommend.

Some pictures.

My personal favourite in the museum
This one is Huge, you can’t image unless be there right in front of the car


Hello world!

Welcome to my Racing site and channel promoting site. This site is dedicated to present me as a good hobbist and development racing enthusiast.
Also I promise to share to tips and tricks that are everywhere in the autosport world, either real or simulator.
Would be very glad if this site you will consider helpful. Enjoy!