New plan 2023

Hi folks!
Once for annual plan.
Yes the plan, yes maybe Iceland. 🙂
But that’s turism.

The main plan for 2023 year is quite modest comparing to 2022, yet still have ideas on some very good experiences.
Yes, maybe not that much of karting, but that’s ok, again turism trip did some corrections and, of course, overall money that is left from expenses of the month.

To be precise some Adventure good lessons, some karting.
In virtual Will try to buy / bring Wheel at last.
More focused on buying first powerful pc for me in Latvia.
Don’t like moving big things around apartments.

Also I’m not forgetting to support family and All other people, this brings joy to me. 🙂

And in terms of soft, maybe it’s wise to re-check my skills in iRacing and, of course, will keep coming with goods with Project CARS 3.

Ok, that’s main plan, will correlate if required.
Guys, be happy and healthy!


Conclusion 2022

Hello folks!
It’s time for Average Yearly conclusion from my side.


So, will start with Speed that was put inside this Year’s races.
To be short, quite nice, it was improved a lot with starting turn
and maybe small adjustments in late stage of tuning.
What about Power. Yes, Channel Videos now became more powerful!

Why? I totally think it’s about <<combining>> daily work and Real / Virtual Switch.
This year was Total Step forward towards real races. I did 7 tests and 1 race. Quite nice, those are expenisve, can’t afford of having to much of them, but they gave boost!
Will use some power (as always some portion) for real events, but also great travel plan inside. 🙂

Second, daily work. You do know I don’t talk much about work in good Corporation, it’s not always ideal, but in total it gives me power, pleasure and support, improves reason to continue both: programming Software and progressing in Autosport.
Will try to keep up with work even better than currently.

Also I think my Giving to people support helps me unrealistically. It’s something everyone can try. It’s just nice. 🙂
Have health and support inside next year!
Heads cool, respect each other, love Earth and continue!


Classic from Riga

My Favourite in the museum, BMW one 🙂 Second – Audi ultra classic formula

So, The Time finally came for me to enter new Museum.
And I did, at last, by walking 1.5 km from apartment to Riga Auto Museum.

Just beautiful – I can say, gorgeous exhibition of good Classic cars in super condition.
Blue ones, Mini’s, old Buses and even Latvia’s produced cars (yes there were here).
Like the 1st floor and 2nd, some neat Bus, Race cars (neat kart) stuff and even Simulator. 🙂

There are 3 levels and each has it’s own unique Set of cars, which is nice and logical and there are tons of Info stands with any popular language to choose from.
Great collection.

Will not spoiler too much, it’s wise to enter this hall of our movable history, the price is 10 euros and You should check it out by yourself, it is worth it!
Stay healthy 🙂


What motivates Me

Hi, long time no see. 🙂
Writting to you, because it was quite a while.


Today small, but very vital to me more non-physical topic. It’s not about real cars, not about great hardware.

You guessed it right -> Motivation and Spirit improvement.
As you can see my speed in virtual becoming better.
My explanation for the past 2 months -> The small things that gives me motivation.
And what gives motivation:

1. Combination between Multiple things: like playing shooters and then playing race games.
2. Music, Stream and Videos, yes number 1 in my sounds and visual list.
3. Stability in the work -> More the less. It’s already more than 1.6 years in the Corporation.
4. Give people love and support -> give it for free, I love it, it powers my soul and heart.
5. Physical exercises -> Run and Bycicle -> Bycicle not my favourite, but with breezy one it’s super cool trought huge City.

One I like most it’s combining sequencily different things. It keeps my life. Like After shop -> Playing game -> and then again. I keep going and going. 😉
Sometimes loop of two, sometimes, 3.
I like it and I feel fresh -> this add ability to increase my speed. Also new trainings from Youtube just kick some additional boost. 🙂

It’s totally personal, just it’s my way, which I think, works super well for now.
Will keep you posted.
Be healthy!


Kandava race

Hi folks1
Or title: My Openkart Debut.
Really will not say too much, as it was more sad than happy, but I must say that I was participating in Kandava Openkart and for debut race and it was a real pleasure of racing again quite strong competitors, must say, kart level is High in Latvia.

Practice and Qualy – is what I liked, since I’ve did my personal best for now in Kandava Reversed (it’s very important, as Reversed track’s first sector is soo mounty) and mounting is my weak spot. I really don’t like to talk about time, it’s about for participation is already a huge Step, sure, need to improve my pace.

Really small stuff in Semi-final, around 1:06 which is a bit better (than practice) time for me, yet I can explain: didn’t adjusted some out apex style in accelartion with additional 15kg that I had to use because of race rules.
I’m not complaining, just it was very New to me, will try to adjust style, there are tons of points to improve.

So, what can I say, again plenty of work todo.
Very good stuff that Youtube already gives me Hints and actual cheats to quite significally improve, yes, maybe I should find my pace from first start, but hm, who cares if in our times you can analyze everything without going into the track. And will not forget to practice online. (Skip that last part, was written before this part, I will try to improve exactly in karting, yet, what else I have. Rally and Formula Ford is still a bit expensive. 🙂
Need to improve as you know I’m quite universal in ‘shoes’, so I’m afraid will not stick to improvements that much.
Will continue like I want, switching between them.
Stay healthy and will keep you updated! 🙂