My Bio

Hello and welcome to my mostly personal racing where I will post my records and information to reach important goals in this inspiring sport.

Who am I ? 🙂
Aleksandr Kalinin
Birthdate: 8th February 1988
Client-end developer (programmer) and active sportsman in city of Tallinn, Estoina.
Haven’t been that much in this sport, before is and still is Football, but Grid Autosport decided for me to try it out and it went well.
And so far is idea to become best.
I keep myself fit and actively creating content using modern sims: Grid, CARS, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa.
Willing to try out real cars, formulas.

Hope for the best. 🙂

…or something like this:

My Video Channel

Yes, I posting quite a lot of video content.
It gives me pleasure and more understanding where I am and want can be achieved.

Here it is:

A here is my medium shy person in person 🙂 (Ostende Nov 2019)

I really would your feedback if do want to share some. Any ideas, thoughts appricied.
Enjoy video channel and be in touch! 🙂
Have fun!