Wet Premier

Kandava track

Hello again.

It’s great. The time came for my First Experience in Wet conditions!
Kandava (Classic version).
Yeah, slippery, plenty of water โ€“ the building block of life, but reservation is reservation, so I decided to give it a try.
The unusual part was wearing racing suit, was very comfy using suit. To be honest, was a bit scared at the beginning of session.

And.. it went again well. But, for the first time, I made 2 spin-outs, 1 quite huge error in the 7th corner turn, too late breaking. Hopefully only on grass without hitting anything, lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚
Best time: 1:35:356, good time, of course, too far from record, but that’s ok, rain conditions. Really loved that semi-last corner, it goes from one low point and it’s a huge turn then it goes up and a big real slide to the bottom, just super, rare for Baltic state to have track with gradient, thanks!

Good track, not my finest I would say, but quite interesting and challenging and quite gambly on the last sector. Recomend to try.
No promises for now, stay tunned.


Audru Experience

Hello folks!
It’s again me with fresh New Experience.
This time, a very good summer day, at Audru (near Pรคrnu) at the most important track of Estonia.

Toyota day (this one GT-86)

This time it was Audru Porsche track with Toyota GT-86.
Hm, so delicate to know that it’s, indeed, 6th experience.
Usual start -> registration, briefing and of course inside instructions.
All with warm lap went well and… and it went well from start to finish and lap to pits too. ๐Ÿ™‚
Which I like most, there was to worry about if something could go wrong. But it went very good.
The time: 1:53:764, it could be even better, but just more practice to made, for this, be possible.

Mother – your’re the best camera-person! Really ๐Ÿ™‚

Love my photos, mother did a good job as camera-man.
Love it, was worth it.
The feeling: 3 times missed over (gladly a bit) braking points on mostly my bad 3rd corner, really I stink, for now, on 1st sector.
But super nice medium sector: maximum 168 km/h and 8th corner on 155 km/h which was my first time on those speeds. ๐Ÿ™‚
And sorry, masters, I’ve didn’t followed the suggestion to be less gamble with last corner, that corner for me pure casino. ๐Ÿ™‚

The price: 5 laps (3 hotlaps) 100 euros (incl transponder).
For now it was only 2 hotlaps, but I like those.
Defiantly to improve at some later point.

But plan is plan to compete in Karting of Latvia.
Which I continue to do.
That’s all for now.
Be healthy and good to each other!


Experience N5

Hello folks!
It’s quite quick yes, to send to you new article.
I’m a bit rushing on this, but I really want to.

Today I’ll be telling about my 5th experience in racing.
This time -> Biฤทernieku kartinga trase,
It was a very good Indoor track experience.
To say, at least, I know quite clear that was close to limits of track in term of lap time.

There was 2 sessions: one ‘normal‘ lap 0:35:210, which was ok, but I saw from previous driver, that it’s just ‘grandpa’ in terms of speed. So I really decided to dig into uncompleted corners.
The research went well -> 2nd session 0:32:502, which is only 3 seconds from mega ultimate lap, for first time on this trase, very good.
What I really liked about track -> most corners, it’s very laconic -> it’s pure logical for 1st section, super nice hairpin with even cooler than enter to last section and last section.
Especially last section -> ultra fast, I could do more, just still need some (with gained, as usual, attitude) imperfection about care. Yes, the care about the kart, just full throttle, which is still not completed from my side. Yet to improve.

For those next 2 weeks it’s a pause for now, will be doing something defiantly. After some rest will continue with karting in Latvia. There are minimum 3 tracks, which like to try. Only 1 is required (well -> my plan).

All, stay healthy and have with summer!


Experience N4

Hello again. It’s a chain reaction of mine to show right away.
Yeah was a weekend (!)
Experience N4
333 Trase ๐Ÿ™‚
And it was even more fun!

First karting time of mine Outdoors. And it was great.
There were times with driving, but this time it was best for now. I did 1 – 1 strategy that is 1 – hot lap, 1 – rest.
And it worked even better than N3.

The trase is around 900 meters allowing to overtake (only invisible opponent for now).
On this track for first time I felt Real Wind, Real Curves.
It’s like sim, but you can see inside your own Cam -> Head.
Was logical to combine between slow and fast laps, was in good form, no doubt, can give a fight in real battle.

Best time: 0:58:470, good for me. Had tons of fun.
So I guess you now know my plan, to continue my New Tourne on Latvian circuits. And I promise I will try to accomplish it, Minimum 4 tracks.
The price: 16 minutes -> 30 euros.
In total One Huge weekend 60 euro (incl transport).

Thank you! And once more, be healthy and happy!


Experience N3

Nams experience.
Hello again.
Time for action -> and if I mean then I did it.
The time came to less shine.
I picked as first Latvian experience Nams Karting Halle.
Not far from centre of Riga.

My second experience in Indoor Karting Centre.
And it was cool, glad even on empty track (trase in Latvian) I can add some steam into wheels. I personally think I was able to drive in quite good tempo, much better in that sense than N2. No major issues. Just 4 times slightly hit 7th corner ๐Ÿ™‚ But overall nice track, it’s about over 300 meters.

Personally liked the 4th, 5th corners -> there was chance to speed quite awesome for indoor track (!).
Best time: 0:53:794, shy a bit to check with overall best lap time, but I think it’s good for first try on this track.
The Price: 15 minutes -> 20 euros.

Time is ok, trase is good, recommend. Good for small team race.