Kandava race

Hi folks1
Or title: My Openkart Debut.
Really will not say too much, as it was more sad than happy, but I must say that I was participating in Kandava Openkart and for debut race and it was a real pleasure of racing again quite strong competitors, must say, kart level is High in Latvia.

Practice and Qualy – is what I liked, since I’ve did my personal best for now in Kandava Reversed (it’s very important, as Reversed track’s first sector is soo mounty) and mounting is my weak spot. I really don’t like to talk about time, it’s about for participation is already a huge Step, sure, need to improve my pace.

Really small stuff in Semi-final, around 1:06 which is a bit better (than practice) time for me, yet I can explain: didn’t adjusted some out apex style in accelartion with additional 15kg that I had to use because of race rules.
I’m not complaining, just it was very New to me, will try to adjust style, there are tons of points to improve.

So, what can I say, again plenty of work todo.
Very good stuff that Youtube already gives me Hints and actual cheats to quite significally improve, yes, maybe I should find my pace from first start, but hm, who cares if in our times you can analyze everything without going into the track. And will not forget to practice online. (Skip that last part, was written before this part, I will try to improve exactly in karting, yet, what else I have. Rally and Formula Ford is still a bit expensive. 🙂
Need to improve as you know I’m quite universal in ‘shoes’, so I’m afraid will not stick to improvements that much.
Will continue like I want, switching between them.
Stay healthy and will keep you updated! 🙂