Laitse Experience

That stylish BMW

Yes I decided year ago, that I should press further the wall of my autosport career.
It’s not my first experience: was karting (roli team), this second, not second by status rather by index.
I’ve decided to move forward by one quite reachable approch -> Autosport Experience.

In short, Autosport experience for me it’s like fresh air, it’s a apple that you can eat, for your expenses.
But those expenses are quite reasonable and mostly modest.

So, right now, I will about my LatseRallyPark experience that was in November 2021. In short, good BMW -> old stylish, extact model: BMW 325i, pure sport professional, master instructions. Track is quite quite Rally Cross-ie, but with great asphalt parts, which I very like, personally, I would add more of them, and the track has couple of ultra slow barries / corners, nothing less, otherwise it’s not teaser. 🙂
In terms of driving, nice, fully controllable. Was extremely suprised about comfort in the autosport car, was thinking it will be hard for me in terms of heat, but no, it was comfy. In otherwards, it was worth it.
Price: 4 laps 120 euros, includes: fuel, helmet rent, traning about track, training about the car and the drive and 7 euros to get from Tallinn, not far from the center.
My score to track: 8 of 10, maybe could be better, but I’m really concentrated on doing pure asphalt things.
But it was good.
Stay healthy and tunned!