Experience N4

Hello again. It’s a chain reaction of mine to show right away.
Yeah was a weekend (!)
Experience N4
333 Trase 🙂
And it was even more fun!

First karting time of mine Outdoors. And it was great.
There were times with driving, but this time it was best for now. I did 1 – 1 strategy that is 1 – hot lap, 1 – rest.
And it worked even better than N3.

The trase is around 900 meters allowing to overtake (only invisible opponent for now).
On this track for first time I felt Real Wind, Real Curves.
It’s like sim, but you can see inside your own Cam -> Head.
Was logical to combine between slow and fast laps, was in good form, no doubt, can give a fight in real battle.

Best time: 0:58:470, good for me. Had tons of fun.
So I guess you now know my plan, to continue my New Tourne on Latvian circuits. And I promise I will try to accomplish it, Minimum 4 tracks.
The price: 16 minutes -> 30 euros.
In total One Huge weekend 60 euro (incl transport).

Thank you! And once more, be healthy and happy!