Good start 2024

Good to be back home. There was quite many things in life in January and February, but managed along them did a lot of good stuff in racing.
Did a lot new races and the speed… still good. 🙂
From Luxury Rolls-Royce to smallest their is in Formula.
For now all looks correct. Doing well, except some changes in job, but that’s doesn’t remove interest and desire to gain improvements in both areas, job and this sport.
Also some mind to check Football as well, as my one of sport love to play and very good at it too.

Ok, some show-offs:
1. Country Sail

For the first time tried Rolls-Roys, feels right, but quite heavy, one of heavies I’ve tested. 🙂

Also can mention Malibu United and upcomming Formula E.
Kind of became sticked with Formula E, just love how this series rolls and rolls and behavies in overall, especially on breaking.
Ok, so keep you posted and be good to each other. 🙂